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Service Providers, Service Provider Agents, and the TFNA (Submitters) must be registered in the RND system prior to submitting data.

Submitters will prepare a monthly report file with telephone numbers and the date of permanent disconnection with their allocated and ported-in numbers.  

The file shall be formatted according to RND specifications and must be .XLSX or .CSV format.  The file shall be submitted using either the RND GUI file upload function or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). 

Submitters must provide their monthly reports by the 15th of the month. This report will consist of incremental month-over-month data changes to include:

  • CompanyID
  • Permanently Disconnected Telephone Numbers 
  • Disconnection Dates 
  • BatchID (as appropriate*)

*If the report consists of over 1 million rows more than one file can be submitted with use of BatchID. 

Service Provide Agents must submit a monthly report for each Client. 

The latest file submitted by midnight on the due date will be processed. 

The Submitter User Guide contains additional details on the file and how to fix incorrect data submitted before or after the submission deadline.