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Ensure you’re contacting the right customer with the Reassigned Numbers Database


At a time when Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) fines and penalties are costly – both from a financial AND reputation standpoint – the Reassigned Numbers Database, or RND for short, empowers users to corroborate compliance with regulatory requirements. By querying the RND, numbers that were reassigned from a previous consumer can be immediately identified – thus ensuring your organization is not contacting consumers who have not given permission for the call/text.

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The RND A WIN for all enterprises!

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Stay in Compliance

Provides a safeguard against the statutory damages that accompany inadvertently calling or texting a reassigned number.
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Protect Brand Trust

Preserve your company’s reputation by avoiding nuisance calls and texts to reassigned numbers.
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Save Time & Money

Offers a comprehensive resource that allows you to focus on consumers who have consented to your calls and texts, saving valuable time and money.

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Report permanently disconnected telephone numbers each month.

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Callers Querying Data

Research specific telephone numbers before you call to avoid disconnected numbers.

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