The RNDA shall resolve disputes and participate in dispute resolution as necessary.

The RNDA shall administer the RND based upon regulatory directives and industry guidelines. A disagreement may arise among Clients and the RNDA. The RNDA shall interpret and apply relevant guidelines, directives, and Orders to resolve a disagreement when managing the RND. The RNDA shall, in all cases, follow FCC rules and the relevant guidelines that are in effect at the time that the dispute arises.  The extent of the RNDA's involvement in the resolution of disputes shall depend on the nature and origin of the dispute.

Disputes may also arise regarding reassigned numbers activities. When this occurs, the RNDA may be requested to participate in dispute resolution by providing guidance and/or historical data. The RNDA shall abide by the NANC Dispute Resolution process. The RNDA shall provide any information it has relative to the dispute to the appropriate group responsible for resolving the dispute. The RNDA shall investigate the problem and report back within ten (10) business days from the date of the complaint, to the FCC, the NANC, and the Client on the results of such investigation and any corrective action taken or recommended to be taken.