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The following are list of acronyms or abbreviations used throughout the RND website. 

AOCN - Administrative Operating Company Number  

API - Application Program Interface 

CLECs - Competitive Local Exchange Carrier 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

FCC -  Federal Communication Commission 

FedRAMP - Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program  

FISMA - Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002  

GUI - Graphical User Interface 

LOA - Letter of Authorization 

MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator   

NANC - North American Numbering Council 

NANP - North American Numbering Plan 

NAOWG - Numbering Administration Oversight Working Group 

NPA -  Numbering Plan Area 

OCN - Operating Company Number 

PCI - Payment Card Industry 

PIN - Personal Identification Number 

RBOC - Regional Bell Operating Company 

RND - Reassigned Numbers Database 

RNDA - Reassigned Numbers Database Administrator 

SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol 

SP - Service Provider 

SPA - Service Provider Agent  

TCPA - Telephone Consumer Protection Act 

TFN - Toll-Free Number 

TFNA - Toll-Free Numbering Administration (Administrator) 

TN - Telephone Number  

TRD -  Technical Requirements Document 

VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol