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Callers and Caller Agents must be registered in the RND, and subscribed to a plan to start querying the RND.   The plans and pricing can be found at  All subscriptions must be prepaid through the RND.  The user will be prompted to enter billing contact and payment via either credit card or ACH/electronic check and will be automatically sent an invoice/receipt, via email, immediately after subscribing.  Caller Agents must also have at least one client company in order to make queries.  A Letter of Authorization must be emailed to before the Caller Agent can add each client company to their RND profile

Callers and Caller Agents will be able to query using one of four processes:

  1. Directly within the RND GUI — up to 50 telephone numbers
  2. Using the RND GUI file upload function — up to 1,000,000 telephone numbers per file
  3. Uploading files via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) — up to 250,000 telephone numbers per file
  4. Using an API — up to 1,000 telephone numbers at a time
  5. Using API upload – up to 1,000,000 telephone numbers per file

Caller or Caller Agent must provide the following to query the RND:

  • Telephone Number
  • Last Known Contact Date
  • CompanyID (And a RecordID of up to 12 digits is an optional field)